"A Celebration of Nature by the Transformation of Clay by Fire"

"Jermyn makes beautifully judged organic forms categorised under two headings, Pods and Standing.  They resemble, without illustrating, various plant shapes and textures, though they are related to non-organic processes that generate the intricate patterns of the natural world.  So her work spans the geological and the organic in its range of reference, without being a depiction of any single aspect of that continuum. There is something elemental and fundamental about her pieces, though, a feeling of rightness and inevitability.  She is exceptionally attentive to nuances of tone, colour and texture as well as shape, and seems to have an unerring instinct for sculptural form. ...Her Pods enclose spaces in a gentle, caressing way, imbuing them with a sense of generative potential."

Aiden Dunne  /  Irish Times


Demonstration of the technique I use to build Pods etc in South Korea


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A short film about my exhibition "Clay Journeys - Pots & Snapshots" at the Courthouse, Tinahley, Co Wicklow as part of the 20th Anniversary celebrations in 2016.   I had been involved for many years as Secretary of the Restoration Committee, so it was lovely to be back there in a completely different capacity